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Fidget Cube other see Lan Hui in this case can accompany his daughter, the hearts of a warm up. But he really do not want to see the little princess, so most of the time there Lee rest. Lee naturally fidget cube orange and white flatter Si Age, resorted to all the stops should also take the Si Age wait for the ease of mind. Song did not know these things, she is still trying to nursed back to fidget cube kickstarter package photo health, with a view fidget cube to an early look at his daughter. Finally, after a little princess in two months because of a cold to go. At that time serve her maid of the maternal grandmother were Si Age huff under the rod. Si Age this time my heart is not happy, little princess living in these two months is also a kind of suffering for him, had to see Lan Lan attentive care of the way, small princess also dragged the Sun Taiyi said the January period, thought She can grow up a fidget cube little fidget cube bit, but the result is because I do not serve the well servants did not harm the little princess got the wind so cold to go, so how can he not fire in those slaves who. Song knew his.y, so the use of circuitous tactics, as long as the pick to Wu s problems, that Defei naturally would not have to Wu s. So the fourteen resorted to the whole fidget cube target solution to the Wu matter asked a bottom out, even her morning to eat a few days to wash a bath are asked. Wu may not be a vegetarian, but she grew up through strict family education, all the requirements of some rude talk, but said something to say. Fourteen one look more recognized Wu is a profound effort. Has been unable to ask what is wrong with the fourteen finally angry, directly to the sentence Your mouth is too small, Mahone certainly do not like. These words came out to fidget cube the De Fei made surprised a moment, Wu s also shame and gas out of the Golden Peas. De Fei see such a chaotic situation busy called ladies to Wu s please go back, leaving fourteen asked Old 14 do not you like Wu s 14 naturally replied Of course not like, what the mouth of the most annoying. Difei smiled and grabbed fourteen of the pigtail, said You do not like it is not you.

ease place a lot of brothers forgive me Ba Age heard the words smiled and said Four Sister this is not shuddering us Brothers also want to come to this brother sitting here, but the study is too fidget cube gray busy on the course, Comin or early to quit early to give four Sao Pao sin. Having looked at the side of the 10 princes. 10 Elder brother was Teng stood up, walked in front of Lan Hui, respectful playing a thousand, his mouth buzzing, said Yesterday, his brother was too reckless hit the four Sao. Brother in this to the sister in law. Lan Hui quickly called the side of the small Lianzi propped up 10 princes, she would have wanted to help their own, but 10 Elder brother this year, 10 years old, this man and woman of seven different seats, let alone fidget cube gostwhite 10 years old So had to call up the ten year old son with ten princes, she did not want to be the tenth princes of the ceremony, after all, yesterday 10 princes is also worried that his mother did not accidentally hit Lan Hui Hui. His true feelings of Lan Lan Hui is also.nd Lan Hui solemnly thanked. Kangxi thirty three years so passed, in February a small baby in the sense of Roche and Lan Hui s expectation of peace was born. Is a boy, Fei Yang ancient to the name of Derek. Lan Hui received a message after the busy preparing a bunch of things called Zhang Momo personally sent to the door, even Si Age has also said personally pick a long lock to go. Lan Hui looked at that longevity can not help think of their full moon when the brother of the new Ning to send that time flies ah, unknowingly in the Qing Dynasty has been for more than a decade. Now my brother already has a child, Lan Hui touched his belly not help looking forward to. Chapter fifty seven Wu and Yuzhen You can not think of that wife, that Wu s mouth on the big point, you say she was slow into what kind of meal ah And the voice of fine voice, than the mosquitoes are not as good. Really do not know what her fancy her mother Brother just asked her a few questions scared to cry like a really boring 14 Elder the orchids and a variety of seeds are sent over. Lan Hui carefully orchid species in the space, only in the house put a pot, as seeds were installed, fidget cube mashable and so have time to plant again. Lan Si Hui went to the house at night, Lan Hui took the initiative to say in the imperial garden was hit 10 Elder brother matter, Si Age heard nodded and said The empress of the emperor some unhappy, 10 brother in the study Lan Hui nodded, and my heart also came to understand, the original is 10 Ah. I do not know how to do it Brother s mother s illness, and he ran up in the palace, it seems ten princes is a filial. Do not say this, let s place it Si an interrupted Lan Hui said meditation. Lan Hui heard to Si Age in addition to coat, two people lying in bed rest. Si Age closed his eyes and did not fall asleep, he looked at the 10 Elder brother and his mother Niu Nirou between the mother and son deep feeling, could not help thinking of his own mother fidget cube Defei. Remember that since he began to remember that his mother is alwa.

Fidget Cube staring at Lan Hui, saying that she had to be the soft hearted pull over. Si Age want to finish these against Lan Hui said Let s place it Lan Hui came to help Si Age faded after the two men lying on the bed rest. The next day Si Age left early, this is the day of the DPRK. Lan Hui wait four elder brother went out to sleep and then returned to the cage to get up. Up to see Lee has come to please. Because Si Age these days in the Lan Hui this resting, so Lee is also the occasional acid on the two, but the face of Lan Lan Hui against what is not. Lan Hui privately inquire, said Lee has been in the nursed back to health recently, looks like her Erotto Trustee sent prescription, but also to help women conceive. Lan Hui to see Lee s face is also very rosy, but the bricks without straw, Si Age not to sow Lee did not get harvest is not. The Song is still the same, although some fat, fidget cube navyblue but because before or loss of some body, so look at some yellow complexion, his face also emitting spots of pregnancy spots. Rece.hen to start Si Age more and more silent, but the whole body of the air conditioning also will open up. Fortunately, usually at home, facing Lan Hui occasional long winded a few words, whatever the outcome can find the hi indecisive shadow. But on the outside that is completely developed to the cold king. Lan Hui on Si Age this change is not surprising, she remembered hear people say men have a career will change. She felt Si Age is the case, since the poor after the growing dignity of the body, usually the expression is also in place to control, most people really can not guess what he thought. Four Elder brother into the house after the first Lan Hui said Fujin down to prepare table feast, the Lord to please four younger brother meal. Lan Hui should be a back out, first to the kitchen to see, see already prepared with almost the end of the people up. Are ready after a few people over four elder brother, Lan Hui symbolic cloth a few dishes on their own back to the house. Lan Hui in their own room afte.