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Annual living costs amounts for students, their guardians and accompanying family members of the students  have been increased.

On 23 October 2019, the annual living costs amounts for students.



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NC Solicitors – Study Abroad Consultants, provides you an opportunity to Study abroad. It is incredibly exciting and interesting both personally and professionally. Studying abroad is the assurance of speaking a second language and proving to everyone your cultural openness. We as a student visa consultants in Lahore assures, students through us get the admission in the best institutions of the world. Opportunities of working in international market after completion of Degree are always available.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a motivation that can cause some apprehension. Yet, the experience is unique and will allow you to quickly feel comfortable in the language of your choice and learn new skills. Adolescents or professionals, students or retirees, everyone can become a student abroad. Are you looking to study in England? Would you like to spend a whole year studying in Australia? Benefit from information provided to you by NC Solicitors, having more than 15 Years of experience of Study Abroad Consultation.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad is a great way to boost your studies. It requires a good deal of courage and commitment. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the heart of the Spanish language on the beaches of Barcelona or start a career in business in London, you will learn a language, discover a culture and expand your professional opportunities. Studying in Europe, Australia or America will give you access to schools located in the best neighborhoods of the most exciting cities. Be prepared for a real student experience abroad. Contact us today NC Solicitors- The Student Visa Consultants.

Join the many motivated students from more than 100 different countries to study abroad with us. You will meet fascinating new friends, visit incredible sites and so much fun that you will not even feel like studying. For more information, visit our exhibitions and information meetings in our office.


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Why does a student have to study abroad?

All students will one day or another need and desire to study abroad. A student studying abroad will learn and discover many in a short period of time. For a student, studying abroad has many advantages:

  • Learn a language abroad
  • Discover a different culture
  • To gain knowledge from around the world
  • Learn independence and autonomy
  • To open the doors of a wider professional world
  • Facilitate your travel plans

Studying abroad brings challenges and satisfactions and we as a Student Visa Consultant will accompany you along the way so that your investment pays off. You will continue to enrich your knowledge even after completing study abroad. Staying connected to online learning tools and student communities of Intentional Universities. In addition, after completing your studies. You will be provided with documented proof of your command of the language, an academic portfolio of certifications and exams.

Your Degree will be recognized by employers, universities and governments around the world. Nowhere else, you will find a more reliable and experienced Student Visa Consultants to accompany you when you go to study abroad.

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