Start-up Entrepreneur Programme.


The purpose of the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme is to enable non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to a high potential start up business in Ireland to acquire a secure residency status in Ireland. The Programme was established by the Irish Government in 2012 to stimulate productive investment in Ireland and to offer residency in Ireland with its associated advantages to dynamic business professionals with a proven record of success.


A non-EEA national may apply for residency status as an individual, or he/she may also apply for residency status for themselves and their spouse/ partner and children under the age of 18. Where family members are granted residency under the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme, as long as the applicant fulfils the criteria for residence status under the Programme, that status will automatically be maintained on their spouse/partner and minor children living in Ireland.

Applicants will be required to submit the following evidence in support of their application:

Evidence of funding of €75,000 or more
Applicants must have secured funding of a minimum of €75,000 from one or a combination of the following sources-
• Their own resources
• A business loan
• Business Angel/Venture Capital funding
• Grant from an Irish State Agency

The applicant must provide evidence of the funds that are to be used for the proposed start-up, the providence of those funds and the ability of the applicant to transfer those funds to Ireland. This should be done by; If the funds are coming from the applicants own resources then the applicant should supply; A letter from a financial institution regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland showing the amount of funding available in the name of the applicant.