Tier 1-Entrepreneur Introduction

This category is perfect for those individuals who wish to start their own business in the UK. This guide will give you information about the criteria you must need to meet to be eligable for this category.

Points Criteria

 Requirement  Points scored
 Disposable Funds held in regulated financial institution  75 Points
 English Language Ability (Required)  10 Points
 Maintenance Funds (Required)  10 Points
 Total Points Required  95 Points

The following tables show the number of points you can score according to above mentioned criteria. Keep in mind that you need to score 75 points from main attributes, 10required points for English language ability and 10 required points for maintenance funds.

 Applicant has at least �200,000  25 Points
 Funds are held in a regulated financial institution  25 Points
 Funds are disposable in the United Kingdomn  25 Points

English Language Ability (Required 10 Points)

 You must show that you are profficient in English.  10 Points

Maintenance Funds (Required 10 Points)

If you are applying from outside UK you are required to score 10 points by proving that you can support yourself and any dependants