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Fidget Cube Darkorenge both trouble and effort. Like a little princess is, Lan Hui, although some pity but can only try to take care of, so a little princess trouble people still blame her. The Si Age also toward her, who knows the next time it can not be so wise then Si Age And the song that is also Lan Hui victory, see Song can not come up with a bunch of things to Lan Lan Hui headache. Words Lan Hui is still very vengeful, and always remember Song s sudden surge in pregnancy when the imperial doctor incident. This time finally out of the gas, completely kicked the Song out. Big fidget cube darkorenge deal to Lee s fisherman profit chant. Anyway, Lee is also favored in history, not a child also gave birth to a What Lan Hui can be considered to help her overthrow Song for her and Si Age to create the conditions. Ps the first week of this book shelves, especially three more every day pro vote recommended pro vote Pink votes even drop it even in the text for the first time in the Oh votes to Oh face what a big chapter of this Beyond the 3000 words.n use medicine, then do not take medicine Eat more drugs on the child really bad. Song this time did not say anything, just nodded fills. Lan Hui see the Song did not listen to look like the only helpless left. But she had explained to the Song, Song did not listen to her no way. Lan Hui with a pedestrian back to the main house, found that Zhang Mama and Li Taiyi actually stood in the doorway. Lan Hui surprised to see to Zhang Momo, Zhang Momo found her head did not dare look Lan Hui fidget cube darkorenge s face. Li Hui is also no intention of the outsider in front of Lee too much performance, she invited Lee into the room after the imperial doctor, Zhang Momo on the opening You are still called Lee imperial doctor to see it, your recent appetite is not good, Do not have any problems ah Lan Hui also too lazy to say anything, directly to Li Taiyi doctor pulse, Lee imperial doctor diagnosed after bow said back to the four fu Jin, then you in some heat, as long as taking some heatstroke pills can be, if the effect is not good.

ny ill treatment, despite the sister in law said Several Elder brother quickly said no. And Lan Hui Wu Fu Jin Xiuyun only then said This is the saying Xiuyun laughed, and quickly take the benefit of the Lan chuen, said I do not want to go, Of the hand, said Sisao really understand the hearts of siblings, brothers and sisters still want to know how close and sister in law. Having finished on the Si Age and Wu Age retired. They entered the living room of the hospital shortly after the three elders heard that the couple came to Lan Hui busy out, no matter how the three Elder brother and Si Age does not deal with, but the three Elder brother, after all, their brother, as their younger brother Brothers and sisters must be personally enough to meet the number of ceremony. Xiuyun see Lan Hui out, but also quickly to keep up with her identity is also welcome. The two men in the front yard and Si Age just happened to meet, so with the courtyard to meet the door, then the three princes with a three Fu Jin and a c.ui also embroidered finished a sleeve. She put the clothes stacked on the side, and ordered the paper children to the kitchen arrangements for dinner. At this time only to listen to the small Lianzai reported outside Fujin, bye, Jiuye and Shi Ye came. Lan Hui listened quickly got up, take a look at his body is wearing a fit, and then leaning on Yan child s hand went out. At this time Ba Age three also came to the hospital. They saw Lan Hui at the same time called a thousand, his mouth said Eight Brothers nine younger brother, ten fidget cube mediumpurpul younger brother seen Sisao, to Sisao please. Lan Hui quickly cried, and put them to the main hall. Into the fidget cube 2017 room after the Lan Hui sitting in the theme, eight princes in turn sit three seats. All sit down after Lan Hui commanded the side of the Yan child said Fast to a few Lord on the tea. Finished his turn on the three Elder brother laughed Three younger brother, but the rare customers, sister in law do not know what you are used to drink tea, if there are poor hospitality, pl.her side of the big mouth eating the custard side of the couch sitting on the couch said. 14 Elder brother fidget cube for press release today to go to the German Princess please meet De Fei summoned a surname Wu show women, has been 14 year old Elder brother immediately understand that this is the amount of mother to pick a small brother from a brother, Si Age s brother is a good 14 brothers is naturally a pair of Wu s pick the vertical pick fidget cube darkorenge of the nose. Asked a lot of Wu s situation, from birth to the draft, basically Wushi can answer all asked, than the accounts are detailed account. De Fei also laughed at the side, although she is now a lot better on the Si Age, fidget cube backer edition but the most loving nature or the youngest son of fourteen, see the rise of fourteen asked did not stop. That Wu s home is not a small door small family, she is from the five items Amar know the state, just put the fills. But also in the identity and Wu Fu Jin under a high, of course, her Armagh is the Han Chinese, not five Fu Jin so the net worth of the Manchu family, b.

Fidget Cube Darkorenge we hope to see the fun Oh Chapter 53 Commitments Lan Hui This is and Zhang Mama said, I heard outside the small Lian Zi reported Fu Jin, Si Ye come. Lan Hui got up and want to welcome out. However, she had just come to the ground to see Si Age has opened a curtain came in, Sijia see Lan Hui get up to greet him busy said Do not play, the Lord has called fidget cube 3d model the imperial doctor came. Lan Hui listened to the Elder brother, then leaning against the bedside lying, this said undefined status all right, just just a little scared it, came back after the slow has come, the Lord do not worry. Not a glorious thing, did not let the imperial doctor saw a joke. Four Elder brother see Lan Hui looking better also calm down. He stepped forward to sit on the bed looking at Lan Hui said Nothing is also called the imperial doctor to see if we go, do not worry, this is a doctor of imperial imperial doctor who will not go out to talk nonsense. Lan Hui listened to these words only smiled and said That concubine was assured to sa.Lan Hui a master of the courtyard, Lan Hui and can not leave these distinguished guests in this and so on, but also had to pull a sentence Shiraz East Of the talking. Fortunately, there are 10 Elder brother and 14 people from time to time connected to two, better than everyone with a good silence. In this way, the long awaited Si Age finally back. fidget cube darkorenge Lan Hui heard the little eunuchs outside the report really fidget cube backer survey want to cheer several times, her strenuous steady steady excitement, stood up and smiled and said to the four God back, brother sat little sister in law to meet. Ba Age, who fidget cube for sell also got up and said Brothers should also go fidget cube darkorenge out to meet. So Si Age entered the courtyard to see Lan Hui five people stand in a row of Baba to the courtyard door looked at, almost always calm Si Age is also scared. He first Chong Hui Hui nodded, then on the Ba Age, who said You come. Having a few people went to the living room. Lan Hui and others on the Si Age s cherish the words such as gold are accustomed to, saying do not know w.