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Fidget Cube Facebook hand clutching the quilt, Si Age carefully covered the location of the hand and found it was the lower abdomen. He touched the Hui Lan s forehead, what to touch the hand of Khan, Lan Hui found on the forehead also sweat. Four Elder brother pushed two Hui Lan Hui, Lan Hui This is a long wake up. She opened her eyes to see Si Age is looking at her, so subconsciously said Ye wake up Uniform service to serve you up. Then we must open the quilt out of bed. Four Elder brother see Lan Hui an anxious to wait on him, last night that grievances directly dissipated, and he opened his eyes thinking of Fu Jin is the first concern is that he does not care about how he does this do not care what that only Count care Lan Hui If you want to know that Si Age would like to laugh a Si Age really want to side, Lan Hui This reaction is purely out of practice, to put others up every morning to serve her husband dressing wait on food service Three years will be the case. Four elder brother did not think so much, his hands hol.y a small grange from time to time issued a weak sound of one or two crying. Soon the imperial doctor came back, after all, Song from this very close, not far from the backyard. The imperial doctor came in kneeling on the ground, said back to Siye, four Fujin, Song Gege production hurt the body, in recent years may not be pregnant, but the micro open prescription, as long as adhere to take a few years It will heal. Si Age heard a touch of light should be a cry, let Xiaolian Zi to open prescription with the imperial doctor. But he is not on the Song s physical condition is not on the heart, as the imperial doctor said Song may be infertile, then Si Age is no impact, since met with the appearance of small princess, Si Age has not intended to call Song And then gave birth to heirs, and this is not only the health of the child s poor appearance is also very poor. A short while to bring the Sun Taiyi brought in, Si Age avoid the Sun fidget cube facebook Taiyi fidget cube facebook An Please direct him to look forward to see the case of small princess.

a joke, which Things are you can not shirk the error, since Wong Ma miao told you to think fidget cube purple behind closed doors, then you will continue to think behind closed doors Finish no longer see Lan Hui that a plate face, waved Hui Lan Hui back. Lan Hui did not think he can so easy to cross the road, she is really completely confused on the way back. Four elder brother see Lan Hui out, again Aunt aunt called in, he met Aunt Aunt came in, asked directly Fu Jin Song in the end what That Li Taiyi said is not true Xin aunt respectfully replied I have to check the Fu Jin Song sent to the herbs and food that are top of the good, and no problem.As for the imperial doctor because the slaves were not present, it touches know is not clear. It is to take care of people every day to arrange for Song to do some supplements, but Song is very guard against the Fujin, a little useless. Si Age then asked Who came the news Is the courtyard of the Linger Li Jin took advantage of the amount of Fu Jin mother over, secretly ran out a.l. fidget cube white The two men just one in, listen to the sound of three Fujin Yo Four siblings and five brothers and sisters do not ask sister fidget cube facebook in law together ah Let s live together. This is a hall of everyone s eyes are converging to Lan Hui and Xiuyun body. Thirty sixth chapter with this matter will be able to rest you Lan Hui and Xiuyun to the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother, please after the salute, Xiuyun smiled and replied Sansao can not think about Oh I just met Sisao on the road just happened, this came together. Lan Hui also nodded. Three Fu Jin fidget cube cornsilk smiled and said That s four brothers and sisters and I did not fate of the five siblings, and the two of you do not say when living in a draft house, that is, just go out to run it. When the Queen Mother spoke Well, you sister in law like to chat back to Elder brother to talk about it Fourth daughter in law, show clouds, come over, Ai family to introduce you to the next Prince Zhuang Fujin. Lan Hui and Xiuyun heard the words went to the Queen Mother side, and pointi.staring at Lan Hui, saying that she had to be the soft hearted pull over. Si Age want to finish these against Lan Hui said Let s place it Lan Hui came to help Si Age faded after the two men lying on the bed rest. The next day Si Age left early, this is the day of the DPRK. Lan Hui wait four elder brother went out to sleep and then returned to the cage to get up. Up to see Lee has come to please. Because Si Age these days in the Lan Hui this resting, so Lee is also the occasional acid on the two, but the face of Lan Lan Hui against what is not. Lan Hui privately inquire, said Lee has been in the nursed back to health recently, looks like her Erotto Trustee sent prescription, but also to help women conceive. Lan Hui to see Lee s face is also very rosy, but the bricks without straw, Si Age not to sow Lee did not get harvest is not. The Song is still the same, although some fat, but because before or loss of some body, so look at some yellow complexion, his face also emitting spots of pregnancy spots. Rece.

Fidget Cube Facebook t, facing the Lan Hui fidget cube facebook open clothes is also a bit rude, but fortunately Lan Hui did not see the meaning of people s breasts, see the little princess really eat to turn on the line of sight. After a long while after the little princess finished the milk, in Tian s arms fell asleep, and Lan Hui see little princess really fell asleep, small chest with a V like in snoring. This allows Tian to go fidget cube aliceblue with a small princess, this time the little princess is only slightly moving the body, did not cry again. Which makes Lan Hui really relieved, it is a small princess if the step by step Hui Hui Lan Lan Hui, then it is necessary to really cry. Zhang Momo over a few months has come out Bing Ming Fang Fang, Lan Hui naturally to look fidget cube kickstarter purchase at the past, see everything is also appropriate to put down the heart, once again urged the servants to take care of the little princess was back to his house to rest. This day, but to Lan Hui tired. fidget cube royalblue The Song is glooming side of the bleak. Song side of the maidservants have now changed peopl.However, Lan Hui Hui mother is not so assured of ginger, but also had to use Zhang Momo, and say find out who is the brother of the new Ning, the new Ning Lan Hui or trustworthy. Fu Jin assured slaves know. Zhang Momo one should be down. Four Elder brother came home at night to Lan Hui house, Lan Hui wait on Si Age fidget cube peru with dinner, after the two chatted to the days. Si Age yesterday from 14 that got the news that Wu s things, he also knows Lan Hui than he knew. But last night he waited for a night did not see Lan initiative to bring this does not do this morning when the poor also pondering this matter at night he decided to open the first to ask it after this Fujin he is experienced for many years, to no major events must not Will take the initiative to tell Si Age. Pleasant Si Age to strange, backyard into the Fu Jin fidget cube facebook is not a big event it How can not see what Lan Hui has a strange expression. Lan Hui naturally thought so much, she waited for the four princes lie down after said today in De Fei that saw Wu.