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Fidget Cube Fuchsia er, your master thin You do not know to find me Song see the cloud on the ground again and again kowtow to plead guilty, and finally spoke up, she was weak, said Fujin, it does fidget cube for kids not blame the clouds, the slaves do not call the clouds disturb Fujin, the slaves reaction is too strong, Just like the imperial doctor also said that as long as some medicine to eat like a very Fujin not fidget cube fuchsia so worried about slaves. Lan Hui listened to the words of the Song snappily said You think you can give birth to a healthy child Maternal nutrition is not good for children long Nutrition Song listen to a loss. Lan Hui also found that he was excited to come up with modern vocabulary, busy explained Anyway, you are spit more children want to eat is. As long as the absorption will always eat If you have anything to eat to come to me, or go to the big kitchen there directly to take also do not lose their own know Song heard this nodded and said Thank you, Fu Jin s care, slaves know how to do. Lan Hui think later explained If you ca.orted back to Fu Jin, the maid had to breakfast there to the master Lee. Lan Hui ah a cry after the case asked God to the poor yet Paper children replied back to the blessing of the words, Siye to go out after a meal. Lan Hui did not say anything after listening, just call the paper down to the side of breakfast. Not a meal will be up early, and Lan Hui began to sit down to eat, I heard the announcement that Lee came over please. Lan Hui put down chopsticks, called Lee came. I saw the radiant Lee came in to the Lan Hui line after the curtsey came up laughing slaves late, please Fu Jin Shuzui, which is not morning to serve Si Ye meal it Now happens to catch up with the Fujin meal, let the slaves wait on you Lan Hui also revealed a fit smile, nodded and said wait on the Lord is important, and later did not care about. Speaking of paper around the children, I saw the paper out of a new pair of cloth dishes handed chopsticks Lee , Bowed, said Master Li, to you. Lee took the chopsticks wondering when they ca.

cipe, but also specifically copied three copies, and then continue to start the clothes to Si Age. Waiting for a long while even the child was outside, said Fujin, Ye Ye Jiuye and ten to go, Siye told you to send. Lan Hui heard the words got up and went to the living room, the prescription to the three Elder brother eunuchs close up, and then said If you do not taste it, then come ask sister in law brother have time to sit over. Ba Age, who thanked the Si Age has been sent away. Si Age returned after the gentle look on the Hui Hui said It is hard work. Lan Hui on the front to Si Age for uniforms, side said This is what can be hard, are undefined status should be done. Si Age looked busy fidget cube tumblr for fidget cube fuchsia their own busy after the Fujin, and my heart sigh and only Fujin is the real people standing beside him, you can ease the relationship between his mother and mother, you can contact him and the friendship between brothers, but also for him Take care of all the things in the backyard. These are not those who can do co.can not salute to the master, that is, uncomfortable leaning against the bed to meet can also be right in the past is not See Song like this is not like a day or two, and Lan Hui really too pampered her. At this time the cloud to see the old lady into the room, but she had seen the old mother, and know that this is the Difei fidget cube black side of the confidant, the clouds quickly please Road The slaves have seen the old mother. Yes, this girl An excited to forget Lan Hui. Lan Hui to the old mother far fetched smile, this majestic opening said line, the amount of mother afraid of your master child authentic fidget cube nursed back to health, specifically around the most used to send the mother, Song sister this Back can be peace of mind to support child care, and Mother is to wait on the mother over the people, the most experienced. Clouds also found themselves forgot to Fujin please, and quickly knelt down and said Fu fidget cube sienna Jin Shuzui, slaves just worry too much about the master, the spirit of some trance only. Lan Hui is as if fidget cube fuchsia the words did no.the peace gave birth to a daughter. After the doctor said that the mother and child safety diagnosis, not only Lee s cultivation can be down a month later, the child is also very healthy, no problem at all. Lin Lin Taiyi doctor, Xiao Linzi, send Lin imperial doctor to go back. Lan Hui sent to go after Lin Taiyi another eunuch said You go to the Fourth Lord report a letter. Then told Zhang Mama personally go Yonghe Palace to Defei messenger, the Queen Mother that naturally sent to Mother Jiang. People are almost gone, Lan Hui was asked the pen, said The two Princess settled it Well, those wet nurse and the mother to Lee s read it Pen is the tube of this, and after listening to the back Are settled, the slaves were personally staring at the.Li Zizi also met, and these are very satisfied with the servant, said to thank the blessing to think of Thoughtful it Lan Hui nodded to see pen child hesitantly look, not help asked how Pen child heard smiles The servant is to think of Lee master to know when he was b.

Fidget Cube Fuchsia deer can be a needle down, that person fidget cube silver should be no problem. So directly to the task to the Zhang Momo, she is the master of nature is not much chance to touch the servant of the three. And Zhang Momo really in the first three Fu Jin Pinger Pinger by supporting her secretly when the tip of the broken Pinger s hand, and Pinger did not pay attention to this point as the mosquito bite about the small pain. So also unconsciously caught. The next is naturally Pinger efficacy attack by Xiao Lin to find her avenge the illusion of nightmare live, who told her originally as a confidant of Fujin to find Xiaolian alone. At this time Lan Hui looked at the excitement of Zhang Mama asked You say that Pinger back to how Zhang Mama Pie Piezui do not care, said What else She called his master lost so big face, but also not directly executed, the best result is put Zhuangzi let her fend for themselves, it had to be Anyway, this palace, she can not wait, I was abandoned by the masters of the slave I can pressure one, and.cendants ah Cool thin, on the moment with his wife but also like a knee like glue it, the next moment with his wife to talk about things to the concubine room. And take the time to face a smile, for fear fidget cube lightsteelblue that others do not know how happy to go to concubines. Lan Hui in the spring where the circle walking around, slowly calm down the heart of depression, she knew her mentality or not adjusted, it seems to be an emergency training, and can not put the feelings of Si Age who. Si Age that fidget cube fuchsia want to emperor, how could make a pet in the backyard thing It is estimated that this time because he was young, not to win the entropy of this time to relax the pet Lan Hui, or else to Si Age s temper is absolutely not make this kind of criticized by the matter. Lan Hui brain after the Si Age law backyard life, one day to the Fujin house, which side to the side of the house, one day to Princess concubine house. Estimated to Si Age that stereotyped temperament will be listed in a timetable. To the time fidget cube fuchsia if he is also jealou.