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Fidget Cube Mashable s things, and finally summed up the said Eniang has said that Wu s is specifically for the Lord to choose Of the concubine body to see Wu is also good, fidget cube mashable we can see how much effort the amount of mothers.Supervision of the body of a while Wu can directly enter the door. Si Age heard Lan Hui, then pick eyebrows, said This thing you just know this Lan Hui said casually No, Yesterday, fourteen younger brother came to tell the undefined status, but the concubine body would like to wait for the mother to have the exact letter and then told the Lord properly. Four Elder brother listened to the words of Hui Hui is the solution of the doubt, he looked at Lan Hui flat head looked pale, not help depressed thought Do she not jealous Women are not love vinegar vinegar it Lan Hui listening to four Elder brother fidget cube mashable did not move for a long time, could not help but also head tilted looked, saw Si fidget cube silent Age is staring at her, that black eyes scared Lan Hui fidget cube dimgray a shiver. Si Age feel Fubin body trembling a bit, but also wondering, but h.Limit, and perhaps even in front of Lan Hui Xianbian show. Lan Hui Lee also came to see, it touches a faint said I did not expect sister Lee so concerned about the Song sister, but also to see in person. Lee said, worried slaves is also called the Song sister called some scary, afraid of what happened Finished with a darling of the stained with a non sticky tears, then exclaimed Before the Song sister body is not In fact, Lee s mind is now very nervous, afraid of the Song in one fell swoop man, that the eldest son can fidget cube australia not be born to her, so Lee s heart cursed with the non stop. Song is not down, the best mother and son together finished Lan Hui Lee saw a glance, unhappy, said Li sister cautious words, Song sister will be mother and child are safe. Lee heard Samsam smiled, she is also a nervous wrong, then if it is determined to Si Age that provoke a few, said she was in the Song said the production of unlucky, then she recently to the four Arab Brother left a good impression on all over. But Lan Hui la.

t hear the words of the cloud, like a few steps forward sat down on the bed of the Song, took fidget cube mashable Song s hand and said Sister of the way the Lord saw the distressed, you should pay more attention to some As for the cloud girl or a good aunt to teach a good fidget cube mashable tune it Look at her, even the basic security will not be, and also said that because of his sister s body is not a good thing, Her trance can take good care of her sister how, according to her sister to see her sister is now made into this are also she will not take care of the reasons. After saying this, Lan Hui, ranging from Song opening, direct command children Yan child said This is not quick to rule out the small hoofs dragged out, but for the face to see her sister in the Song, the Fujin really want to She finished directly. Lan Hui finished these words children Yan Er children pulling the two hands and push the other side of the yelling of the clouds to get out. The two girls are also happy with my heart, usually two people Fenglan Hui s orders law to send you a letter to take a Mahogany Ba Age busy with a smile said fidget cube mashable That is not down, delay Mahone do bad. 14 has been listening to the side of the movement, then ran over to Lan Hui said sister in law do not call Mahone back, starling is to ask the expedition thing, do not worry.Sister in law or talk about the recent there is no fun, Brother to study every day with the tutor should be bored. Lan Hui a know that three things Ge Erdan, but she remembers the history of 35 years off, there are more than a year before it to this Ba Age how to ask now However, the specific situation Lan Hui is not clear, Si Age never said in front of her political affairs, Lan Hui is also happy to listen to, after all, after a house is not dry politics. Fourteen see Lan Hui did not answer his words, busy forward a few steps shaking Lan Hui sleeves coquetry said My brother specially escaped today, riding a shooting class to follow the starlings came fidget cube whitesmoke to the wife, sister do not ignore my brother Well Lan Hui listened.m so many children in the palace twelve years after the closure of the example, and Wuya s only gave birth to a son, only to serve Kangxi less than two years was sealed example , Or that year alone sealed her, which allows the contents of my heart anger. And since Si fidget cube ebay Age was born, was Kangxi personally brought in the side of education, but this is only Prince can enjoy the benefits, three elder brother Kangxi even said no. Rong Niu simmering tone every day to urge the Three Elder brother to study, the little fidget cube for sell Sami cultivated into a big wit, this in front of Kangxi exposed his face. Kangxi also value the reader, before the Manchu and only a Nalan Xingde can setback Han Chinese scholars who read the arrogance, and now his three sons are good at this, the Kangxi of the Three Elder brother also pays more attention to it. The Si Age is catching the mother at this time sick, a small person to take care of the mother but also in the petition before the father of the father, really care for this head forget the.

Fidget Cube Mashable brother see Lan Hui this expression really did not blame Lan Hui what, but he did not want Lan Hui on De Fei have resentment, to say she looks like this is to give De Fei eye drops, if that is Lan Hui s big unfilial , This is Si Age must not allow. So Si Age Tan Hui Hui said I did not expect the Queen Mother also intervene in the backyard of the Lord, and God want no one to favor a pet free. In fact, these words on behalf of his fourth brother, some of his heart, Princess is Mo Rui, but do not want to meddle in his family too Defei. After all, not from small to large, always some barriers. Chapter forty eighth rain and dip Lan Hui did not expect Si Age is tempted her, listening to the four elder brother quickly discourage these words Ye say these words should not be, the mother is also a good mother for the amount of Amarga can say that the rain is James, It is estimated that the amount of Mother is also afraid of God by Huang Ama responsibility to inform the fidget cube mediumaquamarine undefined status of it Lan Hui heart celebration, we can be optimistic, do not make any mistakes. Having led Zhang Momo rush to the kitchen. Evening Si Age first came back, he headed to the room Lan Hui rush. A door to find Lan Hui is told around the small Lianzi what. Lan Hui see Si Age came up quickly after salute to him, and then a few words to send Xiao Lianzi only after Si Age said Lord back, first change clothes loose fast loose it Si Age to see their clothes to wear in the body nodded and let Lan Hui busy up. Lan Hui picked up a set of dark red dressed around for the Si Age changed. Si Age saw his new clothes and looked at Lan Hui who red clothes, obscure mouth Alice Alice, apparently think of what a good thing so I feel good look. Such as Lan Hui for Si Age after the clothes looked up and down after the fourth Elder brother one, and thought really long handsome clothes are nice to see what ah Wu cheap, and I have not seen several Si Age wearing red clothes Lan Hui mind did not delay the hands of the living, it will have to help.