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Fidget Cube Mediumaquamarine e to eat watermelon, so nothing to enter the space holding a eat. The watermelon in the space is big and sweet, Lan Hui began to eat hooked, but then every day to eat, always eat, and finally eat the Lan Hui to spit. Lan Hui wondering themselves to eat so much, and the rest of that, why keep the remaining watermelon so all cut, only a small spoon scoop the middle of the sweet piece to eat up. I eat a lot of watermelon, eat a bunch of there are a bunch of hey uh Chengsi me a watermelon to eat a lot of people, Of course, that part of fidget cube mediumaquamarine the day to eat watermelon Lan Hui did not want to look back, the thought that only their own stomach, did not think now have to add a stomach. Lan Hui decided not to eat so after the decision, put rotten away on the rotten waste it is shameful, but the harm to their own is determined not work. Lan Hui side of the Elder brother in the body, Kangxi fidget cube pink and white there is not ambiguous. Show women after the election did not take long Guo Luo Luo Yuzhen formally accused of marriage to.ease place a lot of brothers forgive me Ba Age heard the words smiled and fidget cube mediumaquamarine said Four Sister this is not shuddering us Brothers also want to come to this brother sitting here, but the study is too busy on the course, Comin fidget cube greenyellow or early to quit early to give four Sao Pao sin. Having looked at the side of the 10 princes. 10 Elder brother was Teng stood up, walked in front of Lan Hui, respectful playing a thousand, his mouth buzzing, said Yesterday, his brother was too reckless hit the four Sao. Brother in this to the sister in law. Lan Hui quickly called the side of the small Lianzi propped up 10 princes, she would have wanted to help their own, but 10 Elder brother this year, 10 years old, this man and woman of seven different seats, let alone 10 years old So had to call up the ten year old son with ten princes, she did not want to be the tenth princes of the ceremony, after all, yesterday 10 princes is also worried that his mother did not accidentally hit Lan Hui Hui. His true feelings of Lan Lan Hui is also.

th chapter Wu s door Refers to the marriage will be issued after the natural Lee is also anxious up. She passed the side of the slave to the family through the news also went to check the Wu s situation, when heard of Wu s appearance, gentle and pleasant, very Deke like Lee s heart could not help but have a strong sense of crisis. Her in the backyard of the battle can be more than Lan Hui Jiao only one third of the appearance and De Fei side to rely on the. This is even the two Wu are also occupied, how not called Lee s gas and anxious. But fidget cube with different colors now she was sitting in the palace of the womb of the Wu s also no way. Only after the door, such as Wu s say. Wushi Princess just marry the door is also very simple, in a bright day was a small car carried into the Elder brother. Nature is not more than three princes and five princes married side Fu Jin so lively grand, even Si Age and Lan Hui did not personally appear. But was carried to the backyard of a room after sitting in bed waiting for dry. Only Lan Hui sent.n when the side of the Fujin, also no longer serve Fujin meal, and that time can have their own seats, although fidget cube mediumaquamarine a low Fujin can be much stronger than it is now. Although such a thought, but Lee came up or served Lan Hui meal. These things since Lan Hui door after she has done a lot of back. It touches very much at home. Soon Lan Hui finished breakfast, and moved directly to the main seat over there, sitting down, facing the Lee over with the said Lee sister sit down See Lee sitting next to the first and then said Lee sister served God active, this satin to get back to do clothes Finished Lan Hui side of the Yan child come up with a treasure blue satin handed Lee Of the slaves Cuihuan. Lee quickly smiled and thanked Lan Hui, and then they talked about fidget cube mediumaquamarine a number of cloth fidget cube usa clothes topic, Lan Hui Lee called off. At home, Lan Hui just enjoy the wait of Lee s, turned to have to wait on her mother s concubine. She took a pedestrian to the De Fei s Yonghe Palace. Dehui today s attitude to Lan Hui a lot of kindnes.Lan Hui also had to read a few words I m sorry murmured. Who called Pinger and Lan Hui is not the way people do, and her master Lan Hui also can not easily hands on, or three Fu Jin suddenly crazy Kangxi will certainly be thorough investigation, and that time is not trivial, Lan Hui head, but now just a maid crazy , it is estimated that the Elder brother even if the investigation is carried out in private, is not on the table, and can not ask what Lan Hui, Lan Hui naturally more secure. Lan Hui told Zhang Momo not to say this out, the best they forget after they waved her back. Lan Hui went to the next one took to the desk before the Buddhist scriptures. Although she kept saying to myself, Pinger just with the wrong masters, I did not fidget cube real vs fake wrong, if I do not fight back, then how can swallow the next breath. Three Fujin will also have been holding me before the loopholes have been everywhere that. But the mind every time this time there will be another voice injustice has a head debt is the main, is three Fu.

Fidget Cube Mediumaquamarine his brother happy, Xinning has also been 20 years old, if not a child estimated Roche and Feiyang ancient emergency. Lan Hui is now living in the palace, can not always send something to the home can not help but always some worry, so put some of the seeds in the space fidget cube called Zhang Mama brought out, ordered to find Roche kind of Roche kind of their own family to eat. These seeds are improved, but also no shaking ZZZZZZZZ benefits, both mature and appearance of the time and are almost the same. However, Lan Hui eaten naturally know that these seeds planted a lot of vegetables taste better, there is a benefit that is rich fidget cube mediumaquamarine in nutrients. But these people do not eat as long as others can not know, Lan Hui specifically told Roche do not send out, just keep their own people like to eat. As for the song that Lan Hui did not do any action, but regardless of regardless of her. The yard is not to see the two masters of the Song, slaves were naturally bully to her head when. Lan Hui of the slaves to do everything.However, Lan Hui Hui mother is not so assured of ginger, but also had to use Zhang Momo, and say find out who is the brother of the new Ning, the new Ning Lan Hui or trustworthy. Fu Jin assured slaves know. Zhang Momo one should be down. Four Elder brother came home at night to Lan Hui house, Lan Hui wait on Si Age with dinner, after the two chatted to the days. Si Age yesterday from 14 that got the news that Wu s things, he also knows Lan Hui than he knew. But last night he waited for a night did not see Lan initiative to bring this does not do this morning when the poor also pondering this matter at night he decided to open the first to ask it after this Fujin he is experienced for many years, to no major events must not Will take the initiative to tell Si Age. Pleasant Si Age to strange, backyard into the Fu Jin is not a big event it fidget cube turquoise How can not see what Lan Hui has a strange expression. Lan Hui naturally thought so much, she waited for the four princes lie down after said today in De Fei that saw Wu.