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Fidget Cube Mediumblue es of silver, Slaves were around in the couch stand on a circle, is simply not chaotic rules. While buy fidget cube online his Fujin is finishing the crumpled clothes. Of course, the other two siblings are not good to go, are busy living in it Lan Hui see who is not inappropriate place to get up to the four princes walked three, said Brothers are coming to find their siblings, come in and sit. Five Elder brother said trouble sister in law, and his brother yard there are things, first go back. Finished to Wu Fu Jin wink, and Si Age Road scrambled away. And Ba Age here also just want to leave, listen to eight Fujin smiled and said Lord, today to sister in law to play this really happy, what is that poker can be fun, go back to me to show you. Ba Age exposed a less natural smile, gentle said OK, then fidget cube mediumblue let fidget cube shopping s go back to it Bafu Jin may not want to go, so he said We have nothing to Sishao this meal it I was trying to taste Sisao craft it Ba Age s face has now been some distortion of the smile, but still control the Si Age said Mahon.not do Si Age did not want to want to say do not do big, and let our own people to do something on the line, small princess body can not withstand the torment of bad. Lan Hui nodded after listening to this thought Ye Hao, but also save her things. Chapter XXIII War Kangxi s Wanshou Festival to Lan Hui s feeling is extravagant and wasteful, and the New Year and some fight, but Lan Hui last year, has participated in a back and know the royal family in this day is the most exquisite, so it is not surprising. Wanshou is followed by a small princess to wash the three rituals, the washing only three Si Age, Lan Hui and Lee to participate in, although the adhesion of a small princess Lan Hui, but the body is still not very good, not the usual children in the wash Three ceremony to open your eyes. She gave her three hours in the midwife just kept crying, it sounds like mosquitoes, like, very weak. Si Age that some disappointment, but after all, did not put too much thought on the child, so only after the urgin.

classical majesty, a look that we train, very Queen Fan. Tai Fu Jin led Lan Hui et al to the Crown Princess salute, Princess Taifu gentle propped up a big blessing Jin, a pedestrian walked to the hospital. Suddenly heard a cry next door Sani yard came screaming. Then see a maid pedal kicking even rolling out of the gate to run out of the door, shouting dead it The dead Just screaming when the third brother on the look of gloomy look, it will see the run over the maid, it is directly shouted There is no rules Shouting of the collision of the masters, Give me her down. And then Si Age opening Third Brother Do not worry, first ask is not what happened Forty fourth chapter lost heart crazy 14 Elder brother also quickly said This is the maid look like this is not out of a major event Quickly told her to say, my brother, but curious tight. This 14 Elder brother has long dissatisfaction with three elder brother Two whole Lan Hui, Lan Hui, but the most close sister in law. Saying why Rong Fei Princess always f.both trouble and effort. Like a little princess is, Lan Hui, although some pity but can only try to take care of, so a little princess trouble people still blame her. The Si Age also toward her, who knows the next time it can not be so wise then Si Age And the song that is also Lan Hui victory, see Song can not come up with a bunch of things to Lan Lan Hui headache. Words Lan Hui is still very vengeful, and always remember Song s sudden surge in pregnancy when the imperial doctor incident. This time finally out of the gas, completely kicked the Song out. Big deal to Lee s fisherman profit chant. Anyway, Lee is also favored in history, not a child also gave birth to a What Lan Hui can be considered to help her overthrow Song for her and Si Age to create the conditions. Ps the first week of this book shelves, especially three more every day pro fidget cube pink fidget cube mediumblue vote recommended pro vote Pink votes even drop it fidget cube mediumorchid even in the text for the first time in the Oh votes to Oh face what a big fidget cube discount chapter of this Beyond the 3000 words.eally hurt the heart of your Troop five sisters. Nine Elder brother heard really can not find anything to refute the words, Lan Hui said is also the fact that nine princes of the Five Jinfu which are disdainful, feel she usually a small Jiazi Qi look, only know to please the Queen Mother , Let her help him get something is a dilemma, but also always went to his busy under busy, as if to him more like. 9 Elder brother of the most annoying that thrust are not thrust out of the people. But Wujin Jin did not do a little wrong, 9 Elder brother is not good to say what she was so Lan Hui refuted the only had sickly closed his mouth. This will be a pedestrian has been to the fidget cube mediumblue main hall, see the fourteen are Tai Dalielite sitting in a chair eating smoothie. He saw the Lan Hui came up and walked them sloppy line of the ceremony, and then continue to eat buried up. This is because Ba Age in the sake of, to put their own benefit in this even he will not play. Four people sit down after the Lan Hui told Little Lianzi.

Fidget Cube Mediumblue nd Lan Hui side is also talking with Zhang Momo said, I saw Zhang Momo face a smile to pull the wrinkles on his face are a fidget cube mediumblue bit deep, facing the Lan Hui Hui said Fu Jin, you give slaves Take the needle fidget cube in stores is too much, the servant only in the Fuping children when she ordered her, did not think she would not be a madness, and that way, but to make three Fujin greatly where to buy fidget cube uk lost face. Said Zhang Momo to see the table placed on an embroidery needle even take the stars. This is the root of the embroidery needle Lan Hui psychedelic drug bubble off, then Lan Hui bubble 3 embroidery needle, in this morning when a specially to a confidant Zhang Momo, when Lan Hui is only ordered Zhang Mother at the appropriate time close to the next three Fujin the next man, and then take the time to pay attention to while on the line. Because Lan Hui sika deer in space with the tried, but with a bit of embroidery needle sika deer, like a sika deer back and forth like running back and forth, his mouth kept shouting. Lan Hui wondering, and five princes is the Queen Mother to raise, Yi Fei five princes because the reason was very like the Queen Mother. So Princess Fei Rong Yi Fei is not so fidget cube mediumblue much contradiction, but the imperial concubine to take away the identity of the emperor as a thorn in the thorn in the flesh of the thorn. So everything Rong Fei and De Fei than like to come, whether it is his son or daughter in law. Before the three brother courtyard because of a mall, de Princess is very happy loss of Princess Fei meal, which can not be Princess also immediately want to, just clawed the mouth of the plum Phillips benefits. Rong Fei and De Fei did not deal with this matter Si Age and 14 princes know, and Si Age because of a child when the Three Elder brother robbed his Huang Ama , it has been on the three princes have views, although the surface Is a brother of brother Christine s way, but my heart has long been hate each other. The Lan Hui thing is that the seller of Li Taiyi put together, Si Age, but long ago to inform his me.