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Fidget fidget cube mexico Cube Mexico find someone to accompany their child is accompanied by Yan Yan Zhang Momo slowly walking. After all, even if a servant Zhang Mama under heavy injuries can not take the chariot, did not see the injured eunuchs just back from the little eunuchs who are back. A pedestrian walked halfway to meet the servants, Lan Hui called a strong eunuch carrying Zhang Momo back to the Elder brother, and then quickly to please the imperial doctor to see, although I can not see imperial doctor, but like Zhang Ma Mother so that the master side of the face of the slaves can still be particularly enlightened. After the imperial doctor came to open just a number of sprained drugs on the back, Lan Hui authentic fidget cube also ordered Zhang Momo more rest a few days, so the body is good and then the difference. Zhang Mama thousand grace million thanks should be. Lan Hui returned to the old eunuch that sent a number of herbs and reward the money back, said Xiao Lianzi old eunuchs Xie Xie also specifically called the men of the servants to Lan Hui.the peace gave birth to a daughter. After the doctor said that the mother and child safety diagnosis, not only Lee s cultivation can be down a month later, the child is also very healthy, no problem at all. Lin Lin Taiyi doctor, Xiao Linzi, send Lin imperial doctor to go back. fidget cube price at walmart Lan Hui sent to go after Lin Taiyi another eunuch said You go to the Fourth Lord report a letter. Then told Zhang Mama personally go Yonghe Palace to Defei messenger, the Queen Mother that naturally sent to Mother Jiang. People are almost gone, Lan Hui was asked the pen, said The two Princess settled it Well, those wet nurse and the mother to Lee s read it Pen is the tube of this, and after listening to the back Are settled, the slaves were personally staring at the.Li Zizi also met, and these are very satisfied with the servant, said to thank the blessing to think of Thoughtful it Lan Hui nodded to see pen child hesitantly look, not help asked how Pen child heard smiles The servant is to think of Lee master to know when he was b.

. It touches on nine elder brother contact Yuzhen up, but also the most clear of her temper, passing directly to this topic do not fidget cube mexico pay buy fidget cube antsy labs attention to her. Chapter 58 You re jealous of me Lan Hui entered the room really listen to Zhang Momo anxious said Fujin, slaves to see Wu s not a simple and stable. You have to pay attention to ah Well, Mother, you look at the backyard which is safe and simple, and I know you do not worry for me. Lan Hui walked a few steps off the bed to take the foot of the flower pot, saying she today Just the physiological period, stepping on the base of the flower pot to go half the palace can be tired enough to choke her. Zhang Momo see Lan Hui look tired look first go outside the paper cups of brown sugar water, and then returned to the house side to Lan Hui massage waist said I did not expect Defei Goddess so quickly go out Siye The yard means a person.It really is not prepared, whatever the outcome, we also did not come in front of her to inquire fidget cube mexico about the behavior. Lan Hui ly.yellow , Lanugo is also a lot, looking at the ugly, a little unpleasant. Lan Hui was also looked forward to look at the appearance of a small princess, could not help but also frowned, she is not a judge from the appearance, children are born with skin wrinkled, there are a lot of lanugo, she just look at the small sample of this weak indeed Like not live long. Lee looked after that is completely gloating, and just listen to her fidget cube mexico chagrin, said Oh, Siye, how such a small princess, or called the imperial doctor to see if there is anything wrong with it Four elder brother listened to this stare Lee, he is not like the little princess, that is his daughter, although he is now completely want to understand their handsome face how to give birth to such an ugly girl, but the Si Age is a super self confidence , And soon attributed the wrong to the Song body, a thought of Song plain ordinary face, to understand her daughter was with fidget cube 3 pack the mother. Called Si Age more unhappy, wondering or much more with the beautiful.mother with the fidget cube mexico next reward, but the best off or go down, do not be picked to reason. The courtyard of the Fujin is still very reasonable, these little things do not worth what. Line, the Fujin tired, you go back to the rest of it Finished no longer control Lee and Wu s, directly lift the curtain back to the back room. Chapter 60 Lee s Production Fu Jin then let go of Wu s Why not take this opportunity to dispose of the disposal. Zhang Mama with Lan Hui back immediately after the house said. Then the big grain of ruby in the ruby mixed with fidget cube seagreen those colorful stones in the pile, but also really lost Lee can find it I do not want to take my hand to eliminate what Wu s arrogance, if I dispose of the Wu that Really the Lee s wish.To say this little thing really can not be said, you see which concubine who did not a little bit of red This is not strict control, as long as it is not red clothes nobody pay attention to it I remember a piece of clothes Lee is not also embroidered a large peony What. She also sai.

Fidget Cube Mexico nt women wrong. And she has intended to use the Song if the meal, then she would secretly come up with their own space in the herbs and ingredients to replace the original, so eat the space in the Song to improve the physical nature of the items will be more healthy. Lan Hui would like to refute the capacity of Princess, but she had no reason, how to say Could it be that she intends to secretly replace Song s food and medicine Or that they hear in the modern are pregnant women to take medicine is not good, then Lan Hui thought of these first blame themselves, nothing so concerned about Song doing How to say how to do the imperial doctor chant If the Song and the children have any bad, she invited the imperial doctor who can blame her body. Lan Hui thought he had often underestimated these ancient people despise, feel that they experience a lot more than they know, but now know that he has been living in the self, simply can not integrate into this dynasty, she always to the prophets themselves , fidget cube desk toy With th.the palace, while decorated with magpie Deng Mei style tassels. The ear is worn with blue gold ruby pendant. Left wrist with a shrimp on the bracelet, the right wrist is a string of emerald hand string. The middle finger on a set with a ruby ring. Ginger mother carefully check the Lan Hui body ornaments, and gave her pick an embroidered hibiscus purse and a double sided embroidery fan. Lan Hui painted a little makeup, with ginger mother and paper children Yan went to Ningshou Gong, and Zhang Momo and pen ink children are how to make fidget cube left in the Elder brother. Lan Hui told Zhang Momo specifically to look at the Song there, do not rush out of their own what situation, especially where Lee also pay attention to. Zhang Momo Although the heart is anxious Song something, but also do not want to hurt the reputation of Lan Hui, had to take this task sickly. Lan Hui just out of the Elder brother saw five blessing Jinxiu cloud in the front not far away. Lan Hui called paper children in the past pass, called Xiuyun, and so o.