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Fidget Cube Navyblue amn sexy voice uttered the phrase really fragrant , Lan Hui not help re examine the charm of Si Age, and this is simply a super sexy male it But Lan Hui did not forget to say the morning Defei, she knew that if the Si Age to stay in his house today, De Fei must feel that she despised her, that Lan Hui may be down the mold. Lan Hui did not dare to go against the law, if it is out of the palace built the Fortunately, that in the Elder brother as long as the De Fei would like to know, is not less people tell her, and now the backyard Song that there is not an old mother fidget cube materials What But if this time to sweep the Si Age s Hing, Lan Hui fully sure that fidget cube lavender they must be despised for a while, and four elder brother may not necessarily understand the benefits of Lan Hui, chances to think that Lan Hui regardless of flatter he only know flattering it Really do Lan Hui do not know how to do. Si Age is now emotional, thinking of their own little Fujin smooth delicate skin, hands are not honest, although not yet eat, but fidget cube navyblue it is.are pregnant with the child s woman Sister, love their daughter in law reluctant to learn, sister, but to do it. Having said these words Rongfeifeifei replied, and a look of serious on the face of a serious right to do so. Do not know Song Gege stomach in the flesh and blood is my home blood How can you let such a wanton, even dare to be Song Is it Did not your mother teach you De Fei heard the fidget cube navyblue words immediately changed his face, which Rongfei said enough damage, who knows she said Lan Hui s mother is feel Roche or De Fei, really curse into the two of them. Lan Hui did not think there will be this scene, her mind is now in a mess, simply did not want to understand how their ill treatment Song, and she just want to eat more Medicinal Diet to improve the modern woman is not pregnant Can not just take medicine Even if the doctor to prescribing drugs are also some of the drugs did not affect pregnant women, now the imperial doctor how powerful fidget cube navyblue doctor after three hundred years, to know those drugs on pregna.

an Zi and the old eunuch even more unlucky, by Zhang Momo this heavyweight pressure, can really be a lot of injury, Xiao Lian Zi also Well, after all, young people, get up after the movement will also come over, but the old eunuch on the tragic, and even stand up when a cold sweat, the hand is not natural hanging, it seems to fall to the ground when the twisted arm. Lan Hui looked at the way fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety a pedestrian embarrassed, quickly told the child to hold the child Yan Zhang Momo, and the old eunuch Lan Hui directly called Xiao Lianzi went back a few people back. The old eunuch because she was injured, Lan Hui, after all, not as pure as these ancient people that the slave was saved by the master is also justified, she still has a point of guilt and gratitude in the. She first arranged for injured people to see the injury, this look back to the 10 princes. 10 Elder brother was a little impatient at this time, after all, Lan Hui to his dry for a while, he was still anxious to go then, or how it will run in the p.Yong no soon as a few people called up fidget cube dimgray Song back out. Si Age then went to Lan Hui side warm voice said Fujin first go to rest it for a God called the imperial doctor to give you a look, little princess thing to do to Lee s Lan Hui heart also some Trance, heard in Zhang Mama and others under the arm back to the house. Si Age saw Lee was a faint, said Little Princess of the funeral to you, and you do a good job.There are things that can not be said today, when nothing happened, if there is a little rumor outside Yeh is called the same as the prohibition of the foot. Lee see Si Age bad mood does not dare to touch his mold head, obediently should be the next to work. Si Age then went to the little princess bed down, his heart has been no blame Hui Lan Hui, after all, two months Lan Hui how to do the four princes have witnessed, that is, did not see the place from He was fidget cube wheat informed. Lan Hui on the small grid is really very careful to take care of thoughtful, he estimated that even by the Song himself to not ne.tes will send years of ceremony, and Lan Hui should also be based on the proximity of the different pro appropriate return. Lan Hui looked at the hands of the list of some depressed mood, and before she was ready to find the Si Age of Treasury things are not many, and those things are half of the Kangxi and other elders reward, is not for sale. Si Age of the month cases and salaries, although what also save a lot, but usually some entertainment and servants of the play reward money to be out, so look at the Si Age shabby family property is called Lan Hui ashamed of. Lan Hui did not know that there is no small treasury Si Age, in short, to Si Age Treasury of things now, there is no Lan Hui from a thick family property it But Lan Hui think also, and now Si Age has no sub House, naturally there is no money to settle in the hand, and Defei estimated did not give the son what the value of Chuang Tzu or shop, as Tong Jia s death did not give Si Age to stay some money is not Lan Hui can know. Lan Hui stared at.

Fidget Cube Navyblue lush, eyebrows flow between the full of Yingying Yingying. Si Age took the lead to Lan Hui left chair sat down and told Start it Wu Si heard the words from the side of the slaves took over the side of the slaves loaded tea tray, Painting went to Si Age in front of salute said Four Lord, please use tea. That small voice heard Lan Hui covered from full Goose bumps, it is too tempting. Si Age seems to have been affected, took a deep look at the Wu took a sip of the cup. Wu then went fidget cube ebay uk to Lan Hui in front, also knelt down and said Fujin tea please. Lan Hui answered with a smile, after drinking a moderate, said It is your sister Lee, to see the ceremony it. Wu sister is our family, and what can come to this Fujin. Wu s thanks after Lee went to the line of a ceremony. They want to be princess, so do not have to respect the tea fidget cube deepskyblue please. Lee s face in front of Si Age also showed a very intimate look, took Wu s hand to exchange two. And Si Age saw the end of things before a faint opening meal bar Lan Hui nodded to.and found Lan Hui And not angry, so curious asked Fu Jin Do not angry Lan Hui looked at the outspoken Yan child, light laughing, said What is so angry, long mouth in someone else s face, I can control it , but you do very right, like the master of the slaves of these arguments the good misses free. pen children, this would give you a look back at the bold outlaw punish Nu Cai. Lan Hui said commanded pen children Road. And then glanced at the pen, said lightly After the courtyard of the slave have any circumstances remember to tell me at fidget cube navyblue any time, do not call me from someone else to hear, remember I give you errand, those slaves gave me good Look at the point. Pen children should be a sound back down, but before leaving or dissatisfied with a Yan Yan children looked. Lan Hui, but rarely reprimanded people, although not really angry just now, but the tone and attitude has also been called the pen was afraid of the child. This matter is not Yan child talkative, pen as far fidget cube navyblue as being Hui Hui exclusion. Say Y.