Immigration To New Zealand

All new Zealanders are migrants or descendent of migrants, so newcomers are always welcome.
• New Zealand consistently features amongst the very top best countries in    the world to live in.
• New Zealand has a modern, prosperous, developed economy with an  estimated GDP of US $128 billion. The country has a high standard of  living  with GDP per capita estimated at US $32,000.
• Despite New Zealand’s ever-growing economy and motivated workforce,  the country is still in need of skilled workers in various fields. The door is  therefore open for workers from overseas to bring their skills to New  Zealand and enjoy its unrivalled quality of life.
• New Zealand’s population consists of just over 4.3 million people, with a  further 1 million New Zealanders living abroad.
• New Zealand was ranked 6th in the 2013 Human Development Index and 15th in The Economist’s 2005 Worldwide Quality of Life index. Most Recently, New Zealand was named the second most peaceful country in the world in The Economist’s Global Peace Index.
• The New Zealand landscape is spectacular, and includes stunning bays,  lakes forests and mountain ranges. Areas of particularly breath-taking  scenery include the Bay of Islands, Milford Sound and the Fordland  National Park.
• Sport, leisure and an outdoor lifestyle are regarded extremely highly in  New Zealand. The national sport is Rugby Union and other popular sports  include cricket, rugby league, netball, soccer, golf, tennis, rowing, skiing, snowboarding and a variety of water sports, particularly sailing.
• There is no ingrained class system in New Zealand, but more a belief in  every individual’s ability to contribute to society in their own positive way.
• New Zealand cares greatly about the world and is always at the forefront  of global issues of major debate. The country is particularly passionate  about its anti-nuclear stance and had introduced legislation to reinforce  this belief.