Study in Turkey

Key features about studying in Turkey

• Turkey is fast attaining a reputation as an ideal destination for international students seeking quality educational qualifications.

•For well over a decade today, the Turkish government has aggressively pushed for greater integration between courses offered at universities and the needs of the world’s industries.

•There has also been a renewed drive to offer ever more industry relevant associate degrees in all Turkish Universities.

•The programs are developed in close conjunction with industry players so as to offer the students internship placement in relevant firms.

•Emerging higher education destinations such as Turkey were identified as key contributors to this encouraging trend. It is worth noting that a vast majority of scholarships awarded to international students in Turkey are funded by the Turkish state.

•The higher education sector in Turkey has undergone a virtual revolution in the last couple of decades. It is not just the number of universities which has increased markedly but the quality of the education offered has also greatly improved too.

•The 2014 Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings had 3 Turkish Universities ranked in the top 10. Turkey also had 7 of its universities placed in the top 100 list.

•Turkey is euphemistically known as the “Bridge to the World” or “Where East Meets West” and the concepts are true in a literal sense as well. Turkey is ideally located at the geographical meeting point of Europe and the Middle East, and as such serves as a veritable melting point of diverse cultures and worldviews, all coexisting harmoniously.

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