Immigration To UK

Foreign nationals applying for a visa to live or work in the UK will generally have to satisfy the immigration authorities that they have the financial means to support themselves and any dependents.The UK’s labour market is thought to be a significant draw for migrants from both within the EU and from non-EU countries. Economic growth and the demand for specialists in certain occupations increase demand for both high-and low-skilled labour.

Migrants are drawn increasingly to UK by the following factors:

• Most peaceful country to live in.
• One of the best education providers in the world.
• UK has Strong & stable economy.
• Ample opportunities for employment.
• The UK has a great railway network of 10,072 miles (16,209 km) in Great    Britain and 189 miles (304 km) in Northern Ireland.
• Radial & paved roads network in UK.
• Improved water supply and sanitation in the UK is universal.
• Extra people are required when there is rapid economic expansion.
• Many people in other parts of the world speak English.
• Young people move in order to get better jobs or improve their             qualifications, including their language skills.
• UK is the world’s ninth-largest consumer of energy and the 15th-largest    producer.
• Falling birth rates in developed countries contribute to labour shortages   and skills gaps.
• Under European law the children of EU immigrants who are in full-time  education may acquire their own, independent, right to live in the UK.  With this may come an entitlement to receive certain benefits, including  housing, whilst they remain in education.

Immigration categories Include following: